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If you are interested from computer generated betting predictions, please have a look on this site - Basketball Predictor. So far it has great results with NBA matches.


Betsurf is a betting site designed to help every punter make better football betting predictions as well as providing strategies to aid taking the important betting decision. We hope each of you will find useful football and basketball statistics, livescore, odds and predictions for your own strategy, for your own way to make money and your own source of entertainment.

What can you find at

First of all, the livescore section. At betsurf you can follow results in real time for football, basketball, tennis, hockey, baseball and American football matches. Soccer livescore, of course, is given priority and the results are here thanks to our friends from The soccer championships that are being watched in real time (the time necessary for reaction when a goal is scored is about 20 seconds, and I’ve tested this many times) are more than 140. Apart from that, it’s up to you to follow all events, only the ones being played at the moment, or others selected by you.

For your convenience there’s a sound signal for a scored goal and the end of a match. In the same section there’s a very handy version for searching the best coefficients for the given matches, as well as a database and stats of the results for the past several days.

Tennis livescore, basketball livescore, hockey livescore and American football livescore are here thanks to

In the soccer database you can find a unique and quite interesting approach for making predictions for Football Betting. LIVESCORE.inHere you can find more than 6000 games where the performance of the favourites is being watched. By using the past results, you can make pretty good predictions. Everyone can use the database as they find it fit – I, myself, use it for straight betting and I have around 30% profit per month.

Section ‘Soccer standings’ clearly is about soccer tables and stats. helps us provide you with soccer rankings. Here you can find not only the rankings from every league and division in England, Italy, Spain and etc., but also rankings for leagues, for example from Bulgaria, Japan, Slovakia. There are more than 150 leagues presented in this section. You can choose: to follow the rankings from the last 4, 5 rounds or whatever you’d like; to follow a table only for the home or away matches and a special table for goal difference.

In ‘Betting predictions’ I’m trying to give my modest contribution to the shared effort for our triumph over the bookmakers, by giving reasoned prognoses for some of the matches. The value is 50%.

Also there you can read everything I have found interesting about betting and betting strategies.

We, from Betsurf’s team, believe that strategic and longterm planning as well as persistence mean everything in betting, even more than the exact predictions, since with discipline a real punter can win with less than 40 % of exact predictions. We hope that is useful and if you think something needs to be changed, improved or removed, feel free to share it and write to us.

NB Skills are more important than luck!