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A simple NBA betting system

No football matches today, so it is perfect time for a NBA post. Now, it is about under-over betting and a system that I use and a system that gives me really good profit. It is really simple. First of all I follow all the matches in the league and write down on an excel table, for every team

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3 Responses to “A simple NBA betting system”

  1. admin says:

    I have no idea. I am new in bloging 🙂

  2. Robert says:

    I read your blogs with interest and keep up the good work. Just had to ask could this system be used with other sports like football ice hockey etc

  3. admin says:

    I have never thought about other sports, but I do not think we can use that kind of system in sports like football and ice hockey. The reason is simple. In basketball, we have 1.91 odds for some sum of points. However, in football we have 2.5 under over goals and different odds for every match. If you have any ideas, how to use similar system it would be great. Right now I am thinking about new and more complex system for basketball under – over betting, but it is still in my mind. I will try it when WNBA starts.