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Aston Villa – Liverpool 24.08 – Premier League week 2

Aston Villa and Liverpool will play together in a really interesting match from the second round of English Premier League. This is the late Saturday match at Villa Park and promise lots of emotions and some chances for the bettors to find some value. According to bet365 the guest in this match are the favorites. The betting company offers odds of 1.95 for Liverpool’s victory and the draw is estimated at 3.75. A possible home win in this match is valued with odds of 4, which is more than great for those who don’t value very much Liverpool’s chances in this match.

I’m one of them, so my bet would be a win for the hosts or a draw. The offered by proposed by bet365 for such prediction is 1.95, which is more than excellent.

Why my preferences are for Villa in this match? On one hand they have a really great striker Christian Benteke who also is in great shape. His performance against Chelsea was superb when he managed without a clear position to realize a goal against one of the best defenses in the league. No doubt he’ll be able to harass the Liverpool’s defense and to benefit from any, even a small chance.

In addition, Aston Villa have already played against two of the strongest attacks in the league, Arsenal and Chelsea and introduced more than good. It seems this one will be another year with a Liverpool without particularly good scorers. It was proved by their first match at home with Stoke. Liverpool players made 25 goal attempts, but they scored just once.

This poor Liverpool’s attack, the good defense of Aston Villa and one of the best strikers in the league for the hosts. This three key factors certainly increases the chances of getting something from this match and the coefficient of 1.95 makes this bet really justified.

Moreover, surely Luis Suarez saga has affected the mood for guests, though long ago was clear that the attacker can not participate in this match due a punishment.

Surely, the match between Aston Villa and Liverpool will be among the most interesting in this round of the Premier League and I hope the host will take home some points.

Here is a video from the last match between Aston Villa and Liverpool:

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