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Betting on draws or on Ties for the half with the most goals in the match

There are not so many interesting matches today and this is why I decided to take some time for checking our a very interesting theory about betting. According to this theory, if you think a game will end in a draw, you can bet not for a draw, but for a tie on the Half with the most goals in the match.

This bet should secure you even if the match ended with a win to some of the opponents, but with the same amount of scored goals in both halves. The idea is simple. The most common draw result is 1:1, then immediately comes 0:0. Much rarer are draws with more goals like 2:2, 3:3 and so on.

When the draw is 0:0 it is clear that we have a tie of the number of goals scored in both halves. Where the draw is 1:1, it is clear that there are three possible combinations, however, it seems that the most common would be to have a goal in each half.

Apart from this, the odds for a tie in the number of goals scored in both halves is relatively higher than the odds for a draw. Usually Bet365’s proposal for this type of bet is 3.6 and more, with maximum around 5.

I did a quick check on the betting coupon for Tuesday, November 27. For that day we had twenty draws, of which 11 were with tie and 9 were with more goals in one or the other half. Of course, the question remains open, how many of our betting predictions for draws would have really come and how much would be covered by betting on tie for the Half with the most goals in the match.

I made another check, where I used betting my predictions for draws in this season of Barclays Premier League. Since the beginning of season 2012/2013 I’ve bet on draws 19 times. Of these 19 only 5 times the match ended in a tie in the number of goals scored in both halves, which is not the greatest result. With odds of 3.6, which is the most common for this bet in the Premier League, I would have bet 19 units and I would get back 18 or I would be back with one.

However, my success rate for direct betting of draws is much better. From 19 bets I have 8 wins which bring me a profit of 26.95 units or in other words a pure profit of nearly 8 units, which is much better result.

So, this option for securing when betting on draws perhaps deserves more attention, but at least I will stay with betting on simple draws.

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