Lokomotiv Mezdra – CSKA Sofia

It is difficult to bet for everything else than the top teams in Bulgarian championship. Even more when the value is 1.95 for away win. CSKA is coming to Mezdra without any problems with high spirit after the win against Litex in the last round.

In the beginning of the championship everyone in Bulgaria expected Lokomotiv to be one of the strongest teams after the top three, but the reality is different. Lokomotiv holds the 7th place in the table and there are rumors that the players have not received their salaries for few weeks.

The other rumor in Bulgaria is that CSKA is coming with the referee too, which is a thing to think about it.

So an away win here for 1.95

Partizan – Standart

Partizan and Standart Liege will play tonight in a really important game. If Partizan could not take the win they have to say goodbye to UEFA Cup this year, after two loses in their two opening matches. Standart is in better position after an impressive win against Sevilla with 1:0 at home.

Of course, in such important game the defense is everything and both teams will think first not to concede a goal, the attack will be on second place.

Nevertheless, I think here both teams will score a goal. Why? First of all the Partizan’s defense is really awful. They made so many terrible mistakes against Stuttgart, when the pressure wasn’t over their heads, that it is hard to imagine what will happen when every single mistake could be fatal.

At the other hand the Partizan’s offense really impress me, so i believe they will score tonight.

What can we say about Standart? They are coming to Belgrade with high spirit and with idea that they can win against everyone. I believe this is enough for a single goal or two. Of course, keep an eye on Milan Jovanovic – the best striker for Standart. He knows how to score at Partizan’s stadium. Just a week ago he scored two here for Serbia against Bulgaria.

So, poor defense and excellent strikers is enough for both teams to score for 1.75 coefficient.

Coventry – Swansea 1

It is a bit difficult to predict how this match will end, but I prefer Coventry here.

Swansea will be without two of the biggest stars in the team against Coventry tonight. Top-scorer Ferrie Bodde will be out for around six months, after his left leg was put in a splint. Scans have revealed the 26-year-old Dutch midfielder has suffered anterior cruciate knee ligament damage and torn cartilage in his left knee. The striker has made seven goals by now.

Midfielder Leon Britton was also injured in Friday’s 3-2 loss to Birmingham City and he is uncertain for the battle tonight. If those two are not available it will be extremely difficult for Roberto Martinez’ boys to get something.

Coventry’s players are hoping to end the non winning strike of 4 matches at home. “It may not be a pretty game on Tuesday but I don’t care about that,” said Chris Coleman for BBC. “I just care about getting another result”.

Something interesting here is that Coleman is former Swan and Swansea is his top favorite team. This is simply another reason to play a home win here for 2.3 coefficient.

Karlsruher – Dortmund

Borussia Dortmund has their best start since 2003/2004 season. 21 points from their first 13 matches (23 from 13 matches in 2003/2004 season) and this is good enough to hold the sixth place in German Bundesliga.

In 2003/2004 season Karlsruher is somewhere in the lower level of German football. 5 years later they are not having their best moments too, holding 16th place with 10 points.

Dortmund and Karlsruher will open the 14th round with their clash in Friday.

Tomas Hajnal seems to be the key player today. He helped Karlsruher to promote in the Bundesliga before to decide to take the challenge of a big club as Dortmund. He scored three times by now for Borussia and had impact in other five. However, the most important is that he knows how to play at Wildparkstadion.

Karlsruher has the second worst attack in the Bundesliga. They have only taken 9.6% of their chances and scored 12 goals. Dortmund is performing much better, but not enough with 24 goals by now.

However, the last match for Karlsruher at Wildparkstadion against Bayer (3:3) gives me hope that they will stand up against Dortmund and a draw here is good for placing money, but under with coefficients like 2.05 – 2.2 are much better for me and I will go under 2.5 goals.

Manchester City – Arsenal

It wouldn’t be strange if I say that I am expecting a spectacular match between Manchester City and Arsenal. A match with lot of goals or at least more than two in the nets.

However, City and Arsenal are two of the most unpredictable teams in Premiership, but Adebayor, Van Persie, Robinho and Wright-Phillips are such players who can score from nothing. When we add the poor defends for both teams, troubles that Wenger have with Gallas and who will be the captain for The Gunners and the absence of Joe Hart as a goalkeeper for City we’ve got a good enough over to put some money on.

“Kasper has the personality to deal with big games,” said Mark Hughes for Sky Sports, but personally I do not trust him and his ability to stop Adebayor and Van Persie.

On the other hand Arsenal will be without Sagna and Fabregas. Absence of the latter will give enough space for some situations for City’s strikers.

Of course the negative sides of putting some money on +2.5 goals are such facts as: Robinho played in Brazil 3 days ago and Arsenal’s defenders seems to have more troubles with strikers taller than them.

So, an over between Manchester City and Arsenal for 1.7

Minyor – Levski

“There will be blood in Pernik” – this must have been your words if you were in that town, situated in about 20 kilometers from Bulgarian capital Sofia. If you have read Bulgarian newspapers you would be able to feel those bloody emotions coming before that derby. It is a bit strange to bet against the top favorites in a championship like Bulgarian A group, but in this match I believe that the hate, the emotions and the history will decide the result of the game, not the team which has better players.

This match has a huge history, many blooded derbies, a lot of injured players, red cards and fights on and off the pitch. The last game of those teams was eight years ago and finished 4:0 for Levski (which was absolutely normal to happen) and with penalty for Minyor for about 50 stones thrown at the pitch, during the game.

On the other hand, if you saw the line ups for Levski you would find out there were lot of young, not so good and inexperienced players, who would not be able to stand against a whole town.

If we have to talk about facts Levski has 3 wins, 2 draws and 2 loses away, Minyor has absolutely the same at home. In history, for last ten years they have met 4 times – 3 wins for Levski and one for the team from Pernik.

However, I think today the fact that will decide the score will be the emotions and that is why I will bet +0.5 Minyor for 1.83.

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Hansa – 1860

There are only three teams scored more goals than Hansa in German 2. Budesliga. Even that fact the team from Rostock holds the 14th place in the table, just a point before the dark zone. A big news came in Friday when former German national defender Dieter Eilts has been appointed as head coach. His goals are clear – moving to the middle of the table and better defense.

Until now Hansa has received 22 goals. Dieter Eilts is a former defender and he knows what to patch. So I expect better defense for Hansa today.

“It’s a very attractive task. As a player and as a coach I have proved that I can solve difficult situations”, Eilts commented for bundesliga.de. One of his first problems is the absence of the defender Heath Pearce, who was sent off last week.

1860 is coming with three games in a row without scoring a goal with a draw and two loses, so they are the best team for Eilt’s debut.

A win for Hansa for 2.1