Man City – Man United week 5 – 21.09.13

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Everton – Chelsea 14.09 Premier league round 4

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Liverpool – Manchester United 31.08 – Premier League week 3

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Arsenal – Tottenham 31.08 Premier League week 3

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Aston Villa – Liverpool 24.08 – Premier League week 2

Aston Villa and Liverpool will play together in a really interesting match from the second round of English Premier League. This is the late Saturday match at Villa Park and promise lots of emotions and some chances for the bettors to find some value. According to bet365 the guest in this match are the favorites. The betting company offers odds of 1.95 for Liverpool’s victory and the draw is estimated at 3.75. A possible home win in this match is valued with odds of 4, which is more than great for those who don’t value very much Liverpool’s chances in this match.

I’m one of them, so my bet would be a win for the hosts or a draw. The offered by proposed by bet365 for such prediction is 1.95, which is more than excellent.

Why my preferences are for Villa in this match? On one hand they have a really great striker Christian Benteke who also is in great shape. His performance against Chelsea was superb when he managed without a clear position to realize a goal against one of the best defenses in the league. No doubt he’ll be able to harass the Liverpool’s defense and to benefit from any, even a small chance.

In addition, Aston Villa have already played against two of the strongest attacks in the league, Arsenal and Chelsea and introduced more than good. It seems this one will be another year with a Liverpool without particularly good scorers. It was proved by their first match at home with Stoke. Liverpool players made 25 goal attempts, but they scored just once.

This poor Liverpool’s attack, the good defense of Aston Villa and one of the best strikers in the league for the hosts. This three key factors certainly increases the chances of getting something from this match and the coefficient of 1.95 makes this bet really justified.

Moreover, surely Luis Suarez saga has affected the mood for guests, though long ago was clear that the attacker can not participate in this match due a punishment.

Surely, the match between Aston Villa and Liverpool will be among the most interesting in this round of the Premier League and I hope the host will take home some points.

Here is a video from the last match between Aston Villa and Liverpool:

Manchester United – Chelsea 24.08 – Premier League week 2

Here you will find betting tips for the match between Manchester United and Chelsea from English Premier League

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Arsenal – Aston Villa 17.08 – Premier League 1st round

Arsenal and Aston Villa will play together in the first round of the English Premier League in a match that promises to be extremely difficult to predict. The bad mood of Arsenal fans, caused from the lack of new additions to the team will undoubtedly reflect on the players and the atmosphere in the squad. On the other hand, the fans of the guests should be happy when their best player from last season Christian Benteke decided to stay at the club, although he had many offers.

Nevertheless, Arsenal showed very good pre-season game in the friendly matches they played. They even managed to beat Manchester City with 3-1 in their last match and in total played matches so far they made six wins, a draw and they lost once.

Aston Villa also conceded just one loss, but they made five draws and four wins in their matches.

It’s hard to find some value in the proposed by the bookmakers odds which seem to be absolutely accurate.

However, given the problems that Arsenal have with the absence of some key players like Arteta, Vermaelen and Sagna, and the unclear situation around Santi Cazorla and Theo Walcott, the chances of Aston Villa to get something from this match are getting bigger.

Arsene Wenger is an experienced manager and is aware that the result of this match is very important for him. He knows that an eventual victory on saturday would allow him to have more peaceful atmosphere to complete the so important for him selection. With so many injured defenders, I expect him to pull his midfield line a little further back to keep a clean sheet, relying on the quality of his players on the offensive plan.

This is why I would bet for less than 3 goals in this match. The odds for this bet is 1.925, which makes it quite interesting. However, the bet is risky, so I’ll play it with half of the maximum amount that I usually bet.

Here is a video from the last match between Arsenal and Aston Villa:

Other bets that I will make on the first day of the Premier League is a victory for Stoke away to Liverpool with a handicap of 1.5 and a draw of Sunderland and Fulham.

Manchester City – Newcastle 17.08 – Premier League 1 round

My prediction for Manchester City versus Newcastle – over 3 goals with odds 2 given by bet365

One of the biggest questions before the match between Manchester City and Newcastle is how the host from Manchester will play under the guidance of their new coach – Manuel Pellegrini. Many claim that City will lose most of their pragmatic football and begin to receive many goals compared to the team led by Roberto Mancini. Of course, this should be compensated by the greater power in the attack, but it is a bad news for Joe Hart and defenders in front of him.

The transfer of Kolo Toure and its successful start with Liverpool showed that the defense of Manchester City has opened a hole that must be filled. However, Manchester City has enough class defenders in their team, but how will they adjust to the style of Pellegrini is another huge topic when we do our betting predictions.

When we talk about the offence players in Manchester City, then the issue becomes quite different. If anyone should bet on which team will score the most goals in the Premier League, the most common answer would certainly be – Manchester City.

Newcastle on the other hand definitely have huge problems. The team has done almost nothing on the transfer market (which is especially important in the Premier League) and continues with the team that felt so serious difficulties last year.

There is hardly any heavier option for Newcastle to start the season than the hungry for goals Manchester City. However, the chance that Newcastle has is to be able to get something from the City’s mistakes which could come from Manuel Pellegrini still unaccustomed to football in the Premier League tactic.

So, the class that the City’s attackers have and these opportunities that I expect the guests will have make me expect goals in this match. That is why I am going to bet for over 3 goals scored in this match with odds of 2 offered by bet365.

Here is a video with the last match between these two.

Sweden vs Ireland WC qualification

Sweden welcomes Ireland in a qualifying match for the World Cup in Group C. A match that will be really important for both teams, as it is clear that the biggest favorite for the top spot in the group is the team of Germany.

ireland-300x223So far, both teams are going more than well. Their only missteps were against Germany as Ireland had catastrophic loss with 1:6, while the Swedes made a little miracle, managed to finish 4-4 as a guest in Munich, although trailed by 0-4 in the 62nd minute.

In their other matches both teams have won against Kazakhstan and Faeroe Islands.

At first glance, it appears that the victory for the Swedes is mandatory. A home match against a direct competitor is something that should not be missed. It is felt by everyone in Sweden and according to the latest news, all match tickets have been already sold.

A possible draw in the match would be a great result for the guests who would have the benefit to play on the home ground next time.

The two teams have not played each other since 2006 when the match were in control of Ireland team which surprisingly won with 3-0.

However, what is the most important is the strength of the two teams at the moment. I think the Swedes are an absolute favorite in this match, but the problem is that the bookies felt it too and offer too low rate for their victory, just 1.5.

ireland-300x223Ireland should not be underestimated so lightly. That’s why I will turn to other market, namely Both teams to score. Both Sweden and Ireland show holes in their defense, the Irish have conceded a goal in each of their three games so far. Swedes in turn managed to keep a clean sheet only against Kazakhstan. To see the Faeroe Islands to score against you hardly speaks well of your defense capabilities.

On the other hand, the coefficient for Yes on Both teams to score is more than good – 2.1. I think the chances of seeing a match with many goals and at least one goal in both nets is much higher than 45% and that is why it would be my bet for this match.

Bryne vs Brann – an away win

One of the favourites for the title in Norway – Brann Bergen will play its final friendly match before the start of the season against a team from the second division in the country – Bryne. Generally, in such friendly matches it is usual the opponent to be a much weaker team so the bigger team to enter into the championship with a big win. brann2Moreover, the first meeting of the new season for Brann is against a very tough opponents – Vålerenga where the victory is mandatory and it will be really tough to get it.

This is why I expect a full mobilization of the Brann’s players, although the match is a friendly. In the played friendly matches so far the players from Bergen didn’t play particularly well. In six matches they have achieved only one victory against Las Palmas with 3-1. In addition to this victory, the team scored four draw against Varden, Estrella, Molde and Sadnes Ulf and conceded a defeat with 1:2 in their last friendly match against Kongsvinger.

Surely not particularly impressive results, but Bryne didn’t perform much better. In their friendly matches the team from Adeccoligaen had four losses, two wins against much weaker opponents and a draw.

Because of all said above for me a betting prediction for a win for Brann with coefficient of 1.4, proposed by Bet365 seems justified and will play it.