Back to the past

After a few successful trials, the soccer hotmatches had two really bad months. In order to get back on track, I decided to return to an older soccer database, with strong hope that this will give me again those 130-180% ROI which I’ve got in the beginning of the year.

Crossing fingers.


Betsurf with new colors

I was a bit tired with previous colors of this site and I decided to change them. And I made it. It is a bit strange looking site, with too much white on it, but I like it. I hope you like it too.

As you know I am Bulgarian and I will publish a Bulgarian version of this site which will be online soon.


Great day for Hot Matches :)

Right now I am celebrating Easter with my family and friends, but I am really glad to spend few minutes and to write down a note for yesterday

Betsurf’s today’s matches and hotmatches will not be updated on sunday

Hello to everyone. Just a note. Betsurf’s pages Today matches stats and Hot matches will not be updated on sunday. The reason is simple. In Bulgaria this sunday is Easter and I will be with my family.

The updates will be back on monday, so I hope we will meet soon.

Best wishes 🙂