Karlsruher – Dortmund

Borussia Dortmund has their best start since 2003/2004 season. 21 points from their first 13 matches (23 from 13 matches in 2003/2004 season) and this is good enough to hold the sixth place in German Bundesliga.

In 2003/2004 season Karlsruher is somewhere in the lower level of German football. 5 years later they are not having their best moments too, holding 16th place with 10 points.

Dortmund and Karlsruher will open the 14th round with their clash in Friday.

Tomas Hajnal seems to be the key player today. He helped Karlsruher to promote in the Bundesliga before to decide to take the challenge of a big club as Dortmund. He scored three times by now for Borussia and had impact in other five. However, the most important is that he knows how to play at Wildparkstadion.

Karlsruher has the second worst attack in the Bundesliga. They have only taken 9.6% of their chances and scored 12 goals. Dortmund is performing much better, but not enough with 24 goals by now.

However, the last match for Karlsruher at Wildparkstadion against Bayer (3:3) gives me hope that they will stand up against Dortmund and a draw here is good for placing money, but under with coefficients like 2.05 – 2.2 are much better for me and I will go under 2.5 goals.

Hansa – 1860

There are only three teams scored more goals than Hansa in German 2. Budesliga. Even that fact the team from Rostock holds the 14th place in the table, just a point before the dark zone. A big news came in Friday when former German national defender Dieter Eilts has been appointed as head coach. His goals are clear – moving to the middle of the table and better defense.

Until now Hansa has received 22 goals. Dieter Eilts is a former defender and he knows what to patch. So I expect better defense for Hansa today.

“It’s a very attractive task. As a player and as a coach I have proved that I can solve difficult situations”, Eilts commented for bundesliga.de. One of his first problems is the absence of the defender Heath Pearce, who was sent off last week.

1860 is coming with three games in a row without scoring a goal with a draw and two loses, so they are the best team for Eilt’s debut.

A win for Hansa for 2.1