Arsenal – Aston Villa 17.08 – Premier League 1st round

Arsenal and Aston Villa will play together in the first round of the English Premier League in a match that promises to be extremely difficult to predict. The bad mood of Arsenal fans, caused from the lack of new additions to the team will undoubtedly reflect on the players and the atmosphere in the squad. On the other hand, the fans of the guests should be happy when their best player from last season Christian Benteke decided to stay at the club, although he had many offers.

Nevertheless, Arsenal showed very good pre-season game in the friendly matches they played. They even managed to beat Manchester City with 3-1 in their last match and in total played matches so far they made six wins, a draw and they lost once.

Aston Villa also conceded just one loss, but they made five draws and four wins in their matches.

It’s hard to find some value in the proposed by the bookmakers odds which seem to be absolutely accurate.

However, given the problems that Arsenal have with the absence of some key players like Arteta, Vermaelen and Sagna, and the unclear situation around Santi Cazorla and Theo Walcott, the chances of Aston Villa to get something from this match are getting bigger.

Arsene Wenger is an experienced manager and is aware that the result of this match is very important for him. He knows that an eventual victory on saturday would allow him to have more peaceful atmosphere to complete the so important for him selection. With so many injured defenders, I expect him to pull his midfield line a little further back to keep a clean sheet, relying on the quality of his players on the offensive plan.

This is why I would bet for less than 3 goals in this match. The odds for this bet is 1.925, which makes it quite interesting. However, the bet is risky, so I’ll play it with half of the maximum amount that I usually bet.

Here is a video from the last match between Arsenal and Aston Villa:

Other bets that I will make on the first day of the Premier League is a victory for Stoke away to Liverpool with a handicap of 1.5 and a draw of Sunderland and Fulham.

Manchester City – Newcastle 17.08 – Premier League 1 round

My prediction for Manchester City versus Newcastle – over 3 goals with odds 2 given by bet365

One of the biggest questions before the match between Manchester City and Newcastle is how the host from Manchester will play under the guidance of their new coach – Manuel Pellegrini. Many claim that City will lose most of their pragmatic football and begin to receive many goals compared to the team led by Roberto Mancini. Of course, this should be compensated by the greater power in the attack, but it is a bad news for Joe Hart and defenders in front of him.

The transfer of Kolo Toure and its successful start with Liverpool showed that the defense of Manchester City has opened a hole that must be filled. However, Manchester City has enough class defenders in their team, but how will they adjust to the style of Pellegrini is another huge topic when we do our betting predictions.

When we talk about the offence players in Manchester City, then the issue becomes quite different. If anyone should bet on which team will score the most goals in the Premier League, the most common answer would certainly be – Manchester City.

Newcastle on the other hand definitely have huge problems. The team has done almost nothing on the transfer market (which is especially important in the Premier League) and continues with the team that felt so serious difficulties last year.

There is hardly any heavier option for Newcastle to start the season than the hungry for goals Manchester City. However, the chance that Newcastle has is to be able to get something from the City’s mistakes which could come from Manuel Pellegrini still unaccustomed to football in the Premier League tactic.

So, the class that the City’s attackers have and these opportunities that I expect the guests will have make me expect goals in this match. That is why I am going to bet for over 3 goals scored in this match with odds of 2 offered by bet365.

Here is a video with the last match between these two.

Chelsea – Arsenal 20.01.2013

Arsenal is having a terrible season so far and unfortunately for all the fans of Arsenal Arsene Wenger obviously has no exact idea how to make thing better. It is clear to everyone that he is trying. It is clear that the players are doing their best to get out of the crisis. It was clearly demonstrated by their constant attempts to turn back the match with Manchester City, although they player for a long time playing with 10 versus 11 and they were losing with 0-2. demba-baIt was remarkable how they pushed even in the 90th minute and tried to turn the things in their favor.

On the other hand, the team of Chelsea is presented fairly soulless in the last matches, despite several great victories which they made under Benitez. A lot of experienced players in the squad already know that Chelsea won’t be their team in the next season and the story for the poor form of Fernando Torres is legendary. However, Chelsea made a very good move, adding Demba Ba, in the team, who scored already his first two goals.

How will Chelsea and Arsenal end on Sunday? Let’s see what the statistics show. wilshere-walcott_2436049bChelsea is the team in England which let least number of goals at home, only 8. Meanwhile, Arsenal are the team with the least goals allowed as a guest – 9. The gunners allowed an average 8.64 points goals attempt to their opponents, which is also a result among the best in the league. Only Tottenham and Manchester City have better numbers.

Clearly, the problems of both teams won’t be the defense. In fact, we can distinguish two spots where will both teams have problems. At Chelsea it will surely be the unbalanced team the have where they have too many creative players and none of so called hard worker who can stop the opponent’s attacks. Arsenal’s problem is that they simply can not score enough. To have Theo Walcott as your main goalscorer is just frivolous.

Anyway, this is a match between two teams who will compete for places in the Champions League. When we talk about any derby in the Premier League the most important becomes the spirit in the both teams. At this point, the guests from Arsenal have the greater spirit and this is why I think they won’t lose the match. The proposal of Bet365 for Arsenal not losing the match is 2, which is certainly good and will be my bet in this match.

Betting predictions for 08.12.2012

My football predictions for today will be only from the Premier League. Today six league matches are going to be played and I’ve made ​​predictions for five of them. I will not make a bet only for the match between Southampton and Reading, as I could not find value anywhere.

Here are my predictions for the matches in the Premier League on December 8:

Wigan – QPR a draw with odds of 3.6
Swansea – Norwich a draw with odds of 3.6
Aston Villa – Stoke a draw with odds of 3.1
Arsenal – West Brom over 3 goals with odds of 2.025
Sunderland – Chelsea Over received 3 cards with odds of 2.05

Good luck with your predictions and bets 🙂

Betting prediction for Sunderland vs QPR

QPR against Sunderland is the first match of the fourteenth round in the English Premier League and this is a match that is really difficult for a proper betting prediction. It is a match which could end in any way and generally said it is only for real betting experts. Both Sunderland and QPR have serious problems and that is why they are in the bottom of the table.

Sunderland’s poor performance this year is a major surprise for me. I believe Martin O’Neill is one of the best managers in the Premier League and his appearance at Sunderland 11 months ago proved it. With O’Neill as manager, the team made an incredibly strong series of matches without a single loss. I expected that series to continue and the team to become even better because of the fact O’Neill had the summer break to improve the squad. However, it didn’t happen and now Sunderland is on the 16th place with only 12 points.

In opposite I fully expected the QPR’s performance as in my opinion Mark Hughes was not the right manager for this team. The change was completely logical, since with these players and all the millions invested in the team it is just madness that they have won only four points from 13 matches. The arrival of Harry Redknapp is serious step forward in their development, as this is exactly the manager who can make the miracle and save QPR from relegation.

All this makes the match between Sunderland and QPR controversial and difficult to bet. Even more interesting is when we see the results from the last two matches between these two teams in which Sunderland managed to win twice.

However, there is one major difference between Sunderland from March and Sunderland today. The team just doesn’t create enough chances right now. They are one of the teams creating the least goal attempts per match – just 8. Only Aston Villa, Stoke, Norwich and the guests in this match – QPR have scored less than they have. The difference is that guests from QPR create goal attempts, but for one reason or another, fail to realize.

Moreover, in England happens quite often with the appointment of a new manager to get a temporary bump in the team. Exactly what I think will happen in this match between Sunderland and QPR.

The Asian handicap advantage for the guests proposed by Bet365 is 1.975 for 0, 0.5. In Sportingbet the offer is an away victory with Draw no bet for 2.15.

Stoke – Manchester City 1:0

Which team is in the bottom of the table, but has lost only once for the last 7 home games, including three of the big four? The correct answer is Stoke. They face Manchester City today at Britannia Stadium. Stoke held Liverpool for 0:0, lost against Manchester United with 0:1 and won against Arsenal with 2:1 in the last 7 games. There are also 2 draws and two wins in this sequence. But, Stoke has not won in the last 9 games even the good form they have shown in some of the matches.

However, now at Britannia Stadium arrive City with two wins in a row and three in the last four games. “We can cause problems in different ways with our movement and technical ability so we’re hopeful we can cause Stoke problems, and get on the track of winning away games in the league.” said Mark Hughes for BBC and I do believe City will do problems for Stoke today.

When I saw the odds 2.2 for away win I realized this coefficient can not be missed. Even if it not successful it would be good punter’s bet.

Blackburn – Stoke

Will the Big Sam do the same for Blackburn as Harry Redknapp did for Tottenham? I think, yes! At least, in the first match, where Blackburn hosts Stoke at Ewood Park.

Sam Allardyce have full and healthy squad, but the main problem in Blackburn is the motivation. I think, the Big Sam is the right man who can change this.

“We have to get the players performing to their maximum as quickly as possible. I believe the players that we have will be good enough to get out of trouble.”, said Allardyce for BBC.

According to BBC three Stoke players will miss the match and one is doubtful. The players are Mama Sidibe (knee) and Leon Cort (groin) are out, while Liam Lawrence (knee) is not match fit and Dave Kitson (knee) faces a fitness test.

So, a home win here for 1.72.

Manchester City – Arsenal

It wouldn’t be strange if I say that I am expecting a spectacular match between Manchester City and Arsenal. A match with lot of goals or at least more than two in the nets.

However, City and Arsenal are two of the most unpredictable teams in Premiership, but Adebayor, Van Persie, Robinho and Wright-Phillips are such players who can score from nothing. When we add the poor defends for both teams, troubles that Wenger have with Gallas and who will be the captain for The Gunners and the absence of Joe Hart as a goalkeeper for City we’ve got a good enough over to put some money on.

“Kasper has the personality to deal with big games,” said Mark Hughes for Sky Sports, but personally I do not trust him and his ability to stop Adebayor and Van Persie.

On the other hand Arsenal will be without Sagna and Fabregas. Absence of the latter will give enough space for some situations for City’s strikers.

Of course the negative sides of putting some money on +2.5 goals are such facts as: Robinho played in Brazil 3 days ago and Arsenal’s defenders seems to have more troubles with strikers taller than them.

So, an over between Manchester City and Arsenal for 1.7