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Champions League – Olympiakos vs Arsenal

The match between Olympiakos and Arsenal on Tuesday night probably will not change the final standings in the second group of Champions League. The Greek team can’t lose the third place nor to go through the second and the chances of Arsenal to finish as the leader in the group are connected with a victory in Greece and a loss or draw for Schalke as a guest of the French Montpelier.

Surely, where Arsenal will finish in the group is the smallest problem for Arsene Wenger. His players played so badly in the last few games that the group of fans who want his retirement had been growth for sure. The loss from Swansea at Emirates was another shock that the team’s fans had to accept.

Well, if Arsene Wenger was an inexperienced manager, surely he would throw all his strength to regain the respect of fans and players with a win of this match in the Champions League. However, Wenger is an old dog and knows that the season is long and now is concentrating on adding new players in the squad like Lampard, Fellaini and Huntelaar. He’s definitely looking ahead and I think he believes that the Premier League match against West Brom on Saturday is far more important then the clash versus Olympiakos in the Champions League.

That’s why I think the team which didn’t play particularly well in the recent matches would be even more weakened in order to prepare for the incoming match of the Premier League. As I see it from this angle, putting the hosts Olympiakos as outsiders in the match seems to me a bit strange. The Greeks would have done everything possible to beat their rivals for prestige, even though the game can’t change the final standings. Apart from this, they are in pretty good shape. For the last three months they have made just three losses. Indeed, all three are in the Champions League, two of Schalke 04 and one of the Arsenal players but Olympiakos showed very solid game against Schalke in the last game and quite miserably lost it with 1-0.

All this gives me all I need to make a betting prediction for the hosts in the match between Olympiakos and Arsenal. My bet will be on Asian Handicap with margin for Olympiakos 0;0.5 and odds of 1.75, given by Bet365.

Have a look on the video below which shows the match between Arsenal and Olympiakos ended with a win for the Gunners with 3:1

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