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Egypt vs USA X2

May be I underestimated Egypt, I bet against them versus Italy and I lost. I will do the same thing today and I will bet for USA or draw and I do not see a reason why I shouldn’t do this. Egyptians made a good result against Brazil, but the fact was they could lose that game 5:1, great win against Italy, but the reality was if Italians decided to play as they can they would win.

US will play without any pressure, just for their pride, which make them very dangerous. However, this is not an easy pick. “Obviously they’re athletic, they’re talented and they have a few players who can make special plays. They run hard and they work hard and I give them a lot of credit for the way they played. It’s going to be a difficult match.” The words are from Jason Donovan, taken by goal.com. It is going to be difficult match, I agree, but US will take something from here. They need just clear win and loss for Italy from Brazil to advance forward. Oh, right and +6 goals difference. They can do it.

The task became easier with Mohamed Zidan out for the match for Egypt.

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