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Finally 20% profit in hotmaches

I used more time and matches than I planned before, but I made it. I made 20% profit in football betting, 22% actually. Now it is time to cash and another sequence.

I needed 41 days and 71 matches for doing that.

Crossing fingers this time the period to be shortened.


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8 Responses to “Finally 20% profit in hotmaches”

  1. Greatful says:

    That is just great!

    I’m right behind you for another sequence.


  2. admin says:

    Crossing fingers for another one. The start is bad – two down 🙁

  3. Philippe says:


    I don’t know how you can make out which matches to play on but you are doing a great job.

    Can I ask you what you mean that you use 3% of your bank in every game? Does that mean that you before every game calculate what the right amount to bet is and bet that on every game for that day?

    And what does your bank start with?


    Greetings from Italy…

  4. admin says:

    About the matches I pick I have explained in hotmatches in the section below the matches. I use my database which can be found from my index page. About my bank. With 3% of my bank I mean that I have 100 points. For every bet I use 3 of them until my bank goes up with 20% or down to zero. That’s it. Greetings from Bulgaria 🙂

  5. Philippe says:

    Ok, thanks for the answer.

    But how do you do when there are several matches in one day, like today?

    For example let’s say we start with 100 points today. Match one will be a 3 points bet. Do you then for match two count the 3 percent from 100 again or do you deduct 3 points from hundred and bet 3 percent of remaining 97 points?


  6. admin says:

    I use only the first 100 points for my bank. If there are +10 point there are still 3 points for every bet

  7. Philippe says:

    Then I fully understand. Thanks for explaining.

    There are really a lot of postponed matches these days.. Maybe that is why 71 matches was needed for the last sequence. Or maybe not. Anyhow, you rock!