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Manchester City – Arsenal

It wouldn’t be strange if I say that I am expecting a spectacular match between Manchester City and Arsenal. A match with lot of goals or at least more than two in the nets.

However, City and Arsenal are two of the most unpredictable teams in Premiership, but Adebayor, Van Persie, Robinho and Wright-Phillips are such players who can score from nothing. When we add the poor defends for both teams, troubles that Wenger have with Gallas and who will be the captain for The Gunners and the absence of Joe Hart as a goalkeeper for City we’ve got a good enough over to put some money on.

“Kasper has the personality to deal with big games,” said Mark Hughes for Sky Sports, but personally I do not trust him and his ability to stop Adebayor and Van Persie.

On the other hand Arsenal will be without Sagna and Fabregas. Absence of the latter will give enough space for some situations for City’s strikers.

Of course the negative sides of putting some money on +2.5 goals are such facts as: Robinho played in Brazil 3 days ago and Arsenal’s defenders seems to have more troubles with strikers taller than them.

So, an over between Manchester City and Arsenal for 1.7

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