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Manchester City – Newcastle 17.08 – Premier League 1 round

My prediction for Manchester City versus Newcastle – over 3 goals with odds 2 given by bet365

One of the biggest questions before the match between Manchester City and Newcastle is how the host from Manchester will play under the guidance of their new coach – Manuel Pellegrini. Many claim that City will lose most of their pragmatic football and begin to receive many goals compared to the team led by Roberto Mancini. Of course, this should be compensated by the greater power in the attack, but it is a bad news for Joe Hart and defenders in front of him.

The transfer of Kolo Toure and its successful start with Liverpool showed that the defense of Manchester City has opened a hole that must be filled. However, Manchester City has enough class defenders in their team, but how will they adjust to the style of Pellegrini is another huge topic when we do our betting predictions.

When we talk about the offence players in Manchester City, then the issue becomes quite different. If anyone should bet on which team will score the most goals in the Premier League, the most common answer would certainly be – Manchester City.

Newcastle on the other hand definitely have huge problems. The team has done almost nothing on the transfer market (which is especially important in the Premier League) and continues with the team that felt so serious difficulties last year.

There is hardly any heavier option for Newcastle to start the season than the hungry for goals Manchester City. However, the chance that Newcastle has is to be able to get something from the City’s mistakes which could come from Manuel Pellegrini still unaccustomed to football in the Premier League tactic.

So, the class that the City’s attackers have and these opportunities that I expect the guests will have make me expect goals in this match. That is why I am going to bet for over 3 goals scored in this match with odds of 2 offered by bet365.

Here is a video with the last match between these two.

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