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Partizan – Standart

Partizan and Standart Liege will play tonight in a really important game. If Partizan could not take the win they have to say goodbye to UEFA Cup this year, after two loses in their two opening matches. Standart is in better position after an impressive win against Sevilla with 1:0 at home.

Of course, in such important game the defense is everything and both teams will think first not to concede a goal, the attack will be on second place.

Nevertheless, I think here both teams will score a goal. Why? First of all the Partizan’s defense is really awful. They made so many terrible mistakes against Stuttgart, when the pressure wasn’t over their heads, that it is hard to imagine what will happen when every single mistake could be fatal.

At the other hand the Partizan’s offense really impress me, so i believe they will score tonight.

What can we say about Standart? They are coming to Belgrade with high spirit and with idea that they can win against everyone. I believe this is enough for a single goal or two. Of course, keep an eye on Milan Jovanovic – the best striker for Standart. He knows how to score at Partizan’s stadium. Just a week ago he scored two here for Serbia against Bulgaria.

So, poor defense and excellent strikers is enough for both teams to score for 1.75 coefficient.

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