Shouldn’t we bet on French League?

Is there something special in French League 1. I found an article in another blog that we shouldn

Would we bet on French League 1?

As I wrote in my previous post I started to follow the French Ligue 1, inspired by another blog post about not betting on this league. Well, I found out that in a niche there was profit in the last season matches. It is about betting for draws in games where the odds for the favorite are between 1.71 and 2.

I took a closer look to the past 8 seasons, just to find out that there is no profit in that niche, but no losses, also. So, may be Ed is right

To bet on French League 1

Today I read an interesting post in Ed

Searching for patterns. Finnish 1st league

I am staring at the numbers in the last two days with hope to find something that will give a clue about profitable betting. You know I hope to find some pattern which will lead me to profit in Finnish 1st league. I use results from past years and compare them to this one. I got some good guess on betting for the favorite with coefficients between 2.01 and 2.2, but unfortunately the first bet was unsuccessful

To bet for draws in Spanish handball league

If I wrote this post at the end of February I would say that it is a golden mine. Until than to bet for draws in Spanish handball league was really profitable. Unfortunately March and April was not so good with just one draw. Here are the stats. At 28th of February the ROI for a punter who bet every single game in that championship would be 122.3%, which is not bad at all. Right now the ROI is just 87%.

However, this season we can see something really incredible and this is Darien Logrono with 8 draws. This is really huge profit for everyone who had bed for draw on this team. The ROI would be around 300%.

What about past seasons. In 2007/2008 season the draws were 20 and the ROI was only 90.8%. In this season two teams would give profit and those teams are Caja Espana and Octavio with 6 draws.

In 2006/2007 season the draws were 23 and the ROI was 113.6% which is good and the most profitable team was Torrevieja with 6 draws.

What about the season before. The draws are 21 and the ROI was 94.4%.

So, what can I say for conclusion? To bet for draws in Spanish handball league can be profitable, but it needs some research. It is easy to see that the draws are always about 20 and a bit more. Could it be used? I think yes. I will follow them next year and I will hope to guess the pattern.


Under – over profit in Spanish handball league

Few weeks ago I started to search for continuation of my simple NBA betting system. I found out something that most of you already know

To bet on 4:4 draw for 401 coefficient

Andrey Arshavin, taken from

Andrey Arshavin, taken from

A friend of mine uses really strange system of betting, which has been extremely profitable this days. What is he doing? He picks a match almost every day and simply bet on exact score 4:4 with 401 coefficient.

Yesterday he won with Liverpool and Arsenal and a week ago he made the same thing with the match between Chelsea and Liverpool.

He has won one more time since the start of using this system and again the match was in England. The match was Arsenal versus Tottenham if my memories are correct.

However, this system is not so profitable, even those 800 units he collected this week. I checked with Soccerstats tracker the results from more than 30 championships to find out the following: In season 2007/2008 there were only 14 games finished 4:4 draw and Aston Villa Chelsea and Tottenham made it twice.

The season before that one