A perfect example why we should avoid Martingale

I made a research inspired by a betting forum article for using martingale with big favorites. The idea is simple you take 5 big guns and bet for them using martingale. I switch the research using another method, but with the same idea.
I bet on every favorite below 1.5 coefficient and using my soccer database to make selection. Where the odds shown by my database are higher than those given by the bookies I bet on this match.
The only condition is in the section of the database which I will use to have at least 20 games.
When two or more matches are being played at the same time I will bet on the first on the table in today

United always wins!!!

Manchester United scored late goal to win against Aston Villa just few minutes ago. They probably will be on the first place in the Premier League after the last round, but this is not so important to me. Actually, as a fan of Arsenal this is awful situation, but this is the life. What is more important for me than this to see United again on the top is the next question.

Do you know the fact that United is a team which has not have sequence of five games without a win in the last 10 years?

I checked only the last ten, but there are may be more years without five games in a row without win for the red devils, which is great for martingale if you have enough money and balls to try it.
So, I checked what would be happened if I was played for United with martingale this year. Until today I would have ROI

My biggest mistake with martingale

Right now, I am watching the snooker match between Dave Harold and Stephen Maguire and I remembered what I did few year ago. I want to share this with you, because it is very funny. I had brilliant idea about martingale system and I could not resist to try it which led to my biggest failure in betting.

I remember I walked on the street and thought something like: “Wow, this is great it can not be wrong. I am going to succeed”, well, now I am laughing for this street walk few years ago. I remembered a joke now about succeed, but you will find it on the bottom of this post 🙂 .

Then I also watched snooker and I found out that the underdog has more than 2 coefficient to win in every frame and also even Ronnie lose some frames, so my idea was simply to bet in live martingale for the underdog. Of course the betting would stop when the underdog get a frame in 5 from 9 games and some frames in longer games.

Even now, I do believe there is some point in this system, but I don’t dare to try it again. What happened? Neel Robertson played with some player, I can’t recall his name now and easily won with 5-0 and I lost everything I had.

However, I must say it again, this system can be profitable, but it has to be played very carefully.

Now, the joke. May be many of you know about it, but anyway. So, we have a man climbing Everest. On the 4000 meters a beautiful blond woman stop him and told him: “Do you want sex with me or you want to succeed?” The man answered: “I want to succeed!”. The same situation happened again on the 6000 meters, but with beautiful brown hair woman and the answer was the same.

The final result here is that on the top of Everest, strong black man came up and simply said to the man: “Hello, my friend. My name is Seed!” 🙂 That is 🙂