Best sequence of soccer Hot matches ever. 188.8% ROI!

Two weeks ago I was in deep trouble when the sequence of hot matches gave only 89% ROI. I started to think what went wrong, but then I just gave up and started again. Just to see what will happen. And it happens. 107 soccer matches, every of them above two coefficient, 61 wins and 46 losers and 188.8% ROI with 3% of the bank used for every bet and all of this for 13 days.

Not bad, right?

You can see this sequence of soccer Hot matches here.


Betsurf’s today’s matches and hotmatches will not be updated on sunday

Hello to everyone. Just a note. Betsurf’s pages Today matches stats and Hot matches will not be updated on sunday. The reason is simple. In Bulgaria this sunday is Easter and I will be with my family.

The updates will be back on monday, so I hope we will meet soon.

Best wishes 🙂


NBA under – over percentage

There are only 12 games left in NBA regular season, so now is the time for post season analysis. I post few week ago for the percentage of under

Bad result in Hot Matches

Until today Hot Matches was going great with profit in all sequence, but the last 102 games was not so good at all. The ROI is 89% with 1% of the bank for every bet and only 41% with 5% of the bank used for every bet.

I must apologise to everyone who have used those picks and I hope there will be no more bad results. You can see the past results of Hot Matches here

Right now I am doing some research about those 102 matches I have bet in that sequence with the idea to try to avoid losses, but I will post what I have found later. The reasons for that are two. First I want to take a deeper look and second, it’s