Under-over researching results after 66 games

What is going on with my research about betting on under or over in Basketball? Nothing so special, I would say, and the reason for that is the fact that the ROI has dropped from 17% to just four percents. However, there is good news and this is Gauss method for least square approximation. This is the most profitable method. Yes, with just four percents ROI, but it is a start. May be the way that the data is being collected is wrong, or maybe 4% is not so small profit. We will see.

Here are the results:

Under-over percentages from previous matches give 95.5 ROI
Under-over percentages from previous special matches give 101.3 ROI
Gauss method with data collected from last 10 matches for every team give 104 ROI
Gauss method with data collected from last 10 mutual games give 98.39 ROI
Average score made by teams in last 10 games for every team give 101.29 ROI
Average score made by teams in last 10 mutual games give 89.71 ROI

The last row is really a surprise for me. How is it possible the average for mutual games to be the worst result? Really strange, but a fact.


Result on my research after 18 games in WNBA

Last week my betting study was occupied only with the research in basketball under or over ending. I wrote a few times about it and I will do it now, again. It is time for evaluation after the first 18 matches already played.

I won’t be explaing again which methods I use. You can read more about them here.

There is 16.1% profit in two of the profits. The other four are below the line after those 18 games. However, as we all know we have to wait for the final matches for making analysis.

Here is the table with the result after 18 games in percentages:

% L +
%i L +
G L +
Gm L +
Avg. L +
Avg.m L +

One mark here. All odds here are 1.91


DNB and Hotmatches!

A month ago I thought Betsurf Hot Matches as small profitable, but secure way of betting. From the beginning of April till now the results are jumping like crazy animals

Best sequence of soccer Hot matches ever. 188.8% ROI!

Two weeks ago I was in deep trouble when the sequence of hot matches gave only 89% ROI. I started to think what went wrong, but then I just gave up and started again. Just to see what will happen. And it happens. 107 soccer matches, every of them above two coefficient, 61 wins and 46 losers and 188.8% ROI with 3% of the bank used for every bet and all of this for 13 days.

Not bad, right?

You can see this sequence of soccer Hot matches here.


Great day for Hot Matches :)

Right now I am celebrating Easter with my family and friends, but I am really glad to spend few minutes and to write down a note for yesterday

Bad result in Hot Matches

Until today Hot Matches was going great with profit in all sequence, but the last 102 games was not so good at all. The ROI is 89% with 1% of the bank for every bet and only 41% with 5% of the bank used for every bet.

I must apologise to everyone who have used those picks and I hope there will be no more bad results. You can see the past results of Hot Matches here

Right now I am doing some research about those 102 matches I have bet in that sequence with the idea to try to avoid losses, but I will post what I have found later. The reasons for that are two. First I want to take a deeper look and second, it’s

United always wins!!!

Manchester United scored late goal to win against Aston Villa just few minutes ago. They probably will be on the first place in the Premier League after the last round, but this is not so important to me. Actually, as a fan of Arsenal this is awful situation, but this is the life. What is more important for me than this to see United again on the top is the next question.

Do you know the fact that United is a team which has not have sequence of five games without a win in the last 10 years?

I checked only the last ten, but there are may be more years without five games in a row without win for the red devils, which is great for martingale if you have enough money and balls to try it.
So, I checked what would be happened if I was played for United with martingale this year. Until today I would have ROI

The golden rule of betting

My really poor start of this 100 Hot matches sequence, 5 of 5 wrong remind me about the golden rule of betting. Never, never and never change the system you are using. Do not change your percent of the bank for the next bet and do not change the way you make your tips.

If you win or if you lose, there is no difference. Many smart punters know they will reach those 50% or whatever percent the punter usually hits and the start does not matter at all. The most important is the final result.

However, I have never started with 5 wrong 🙁 When I saw Bury’s equalizer in the last minute against Rotheram I felt terrible, but tomorrow I will wake up, I will push the button and I will find those Hot matches, which will bring me back over 100% ROI.

Or at least I hope so 🙂

Good night everyone.