Football matches with coefficient more than 2.2. The results for July from 246 matches

I am getting a bit lazy these days with just following WNBA Under

Hamilton gave profit in F1

As I wrote in the beginning of May this season in F1 is really good for punting. It was impossible some of the best drivers last year to finish without a single win and Hamilton did it. He gave good profit too. 15 was the coefficient for him. I was a bit surprised to see him winning in Hungary, because on this track Brawn was excepted to be better than everybody else.

Unfortunately, I picked the wrong driver. I preferred Kimi, but there is hope for him to win a race. It would be better for me if something happened with Lewis

17% profit so far in my basketball under-over research

I cannot say I am satisfied with the results from this research. I definitely expected more from Gauss less square approximate method. I see that there is profit, but I expected more. Even so, 17% pure profit from 31 matches with betting on under over in basketball is not bad.
Here are the stats.

% L + %i L + G L + Gm L + Avg. L + Avg.m L +
61.3 54.8 41.9 58 45.1 38.7

If we start talking in profit percentage, best results shows my old method of betting, where you betting under or over depends from all previous matches for both teams. The profit there is 17%. However, as I learned from previous NBA regular season this method is going to be less profitable at the end of the season, because bookies start to level under

Result on my research after 18 games in WNBA

Last week my betting study was occupied only with the research in basketball under or over ending. I wrote a few times about it and I will do it now, again. It is time for evaluation after the first 18 matches already played.

I won’t be explaing again which methods I use. You can read more about them here.

There is 16.1% profit in two of the profits. The other four are below the line after those 18 games. However, as we all know we have to wait for the final matches for making analysis.

Here is the table with the result after 18 games in percentages:

% L +
%i L +
G L +
Gm L +
Avg. L +
Avg.m L +

One mark here. All odds here are 1.91


Results from my basketball betting research

It is a bit strange for me but my basketball under over research shows similar results. I use 6 methods for picking matches and all of them give results around 50%. This of course is 100% unsatisfying, but my research will continue.

Here are the results after 9 matches on WNBA:

When I use my old method with all previous matches

Research about basketball under – over betting

I am starting a quick research on a few different strategies about betting on under or over at basketball games. I will use WNBA because it is only one major championship where matches are on right now. Few words about those different strategies: the first one I have used before in NBA last regular season. I follow the under

Shouldn’t we bet on French League?

Is there something special in French League 1. I found an article in another blog that we shouldn

Bet under on Phoenix matches in WNBA

I am going to bet under on next five Phoenix games with martingale. I know it is a bit dangerous and I can lose all my bank, but I’ve got some reasons. From the beginning of WNBA Phoenix played 8 matches and all of them are over.

The longest strike of over I know about was New York’s last season with 12 overs in a row.

I think Phoenix will make at least one under in the next few games. So, crossing fingers.


Would we bet on French League 1?

As I wrote in my previous post I started to follow the French Ligue 1, inspired by another blog post about not betting on this league. Well, I found out that in a niche there was profit in the last season matches. It is about betting for draws in games where the odds for the favorite are between 1.71 and 2.

I took a closer look to the past 8 seasons, just to find out that there is no profit in that niche, but no losses, also. So, may be Ed is right

Searching for patterns. Finnish 1st league

I am staring at the numbers in the last two days with hope to find something that will give a clue about profitable betting. You know I hope to find some pattern which will lead me to profit in Finnish 1st league. I use results from past years and compare them to this one. I got some good guess on betting for the favorite with coefficients between 2.01 and 2.2, but unfortunately the first bet was unsuccessful