Finally, there is profit with streaks in NBA

Finally I found some profit in under over streaks in NBA. The trick is to bet on every 5th game in the row and to place only one bet. Not more, only one bet. However, the ROI is so small, that it is not worth to play it at all. If, I have to talk with numbers the ROI is exactly 105.82%.

Not so good for the entire regular season.

So, I have to say it. I am really disappointed. I have read so many times the streaks are the best way of betting. Things like a punter will always has profit if the bet is placed on the 4th match in the row etc, but all of this is simply not correct for under

NBA under – over percentage

There are only 12 games left in NBA regular season, so now is the time for post season analysis. I post few week ago for the percentage of under

Betting on Under – Over streaks in NBA

I’m sure you all have read about how to bet on streaks and that there are some great systems where we all can win money if we use them.

More about my simple betting system

Yesterday when I read the comment by Robert (thank you for your interest:)) about my simple NBA betting system I started to think about other sports and leagues where this system can be used. Few words about this system. It is really easy. When I am going to bet I check the percent of under and over endings for both teams in the match. If the sum for over percent is higher I bet over, if it is under I bet under.

The system is profitable. It gives around 50-50 which I use in modified for safety reasons martingale system. For example, yesterday I had 9 winners and only 1 lose. It was really pleasure to watch the games 🙂

OK about the system in other sports and leagues.

First of all the news are not good. I can see this system working only in NBA and WNBA. Probably it can be used in NCAAB, but the odds there are lower than in NBA. At the other hand this is not a problem for martingale.

In Europe we also have basketball leagues where I can try with this system, but here the problem is very few matches in those leagues. For example every team in NBA play more than 90 matches per year (including play-offs), in Germany the regular season is 34 games for every team. 34 games is the season in Israel too, but I am not 100% sure about it.

Where is the problem when you have only 34 matches. It is simply uncomfortable. The punter must wait for minimum 10 games for safety reasons and to be clearer which team in which direction, under or over is going and after this the punter will have only 24 games left to bet.

May be Korea is a variant with 54 games for every team, but the season there starts in August. I found those leagues in bet365, may be somewhere a bookie offers more leagues.

I will post more about other sports tomorrow, but by now I saw opportunity only in handball. Tennis, soccer and Ice Hockey does not work at all and the reason is the fixed score (2,5 for soccer, 5,5 for hockey) and odds between 1,4 to 2,2.


A simple NBA betting system

No football matches today, so it is perfect time for a NBA post. Now, it is about under-over betting and a system that I use and a system that gives me really good profit. It is really simple. First of all I follow all the matches in the league and write down on an excel table, for every team