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The golden rule of betting

My really poor start of this 100 Hot matches sequence, 5 of 5 wrong remind me about the golden rule of betting. Never, never and never change the system you are using. Do not change your percent of the bank for the next bet and do not change the way you make your tips.

If you win or if you lose, there is no difference. Many smart punters know they will reach those 50% or whatever percent the punter usually hits and the start does not matter at all. The most important is the final result.

However, I have never started with 5 wrong 🙁 When I saw Bury’s equalizer in the last minute against Rotheram I felt terrible, but tomorrow I will wake up, I will push the button and I will find those Hot matches, which will bring me back over 100% ROI.

Or at least I hope so 🙂

Good night everyone.


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