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Watch NBA matches online for free

Great news came today from bet365. As of today, they offer the possibility to watch NBA matches live from their platform for live betting. I already managed to watch the two NBA matches – LA Clippers versus Sacramento and Miami versus Orlando.

So, the main question, how can you watch basketball from NBA live in bet365? Note that the service is free, but the bookmaker requires you to have an account with them and to have some cash in it . If these conditions are not met, the section doesn’t load.
So, if you have an account at bet365 and at least some money in it, just go to the section for live betting and select the game you want to watch online. It will be opened a panel, which starts the video and you can watch the desired match. It is important to know that you are not pushed in any way to bet on this match. You can watch as many matches as you want without making a single bet.

The only downside of this offer is that bet365 have left a very small window through which to watch the match. I suppose they have done it in that way with the idea the user to be able to monitor the odds for the match and while you watch basketball online to be tempted to place a bet.

However, everything comes with a price and in this case, it is the small size panel and the running odds around us. However the audio is original which makes the atmosphere exciting enough. Enjoy watching!

You can visit bet365 by following this link,

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